Harvest 2019 : Episode 1

Harvest 2019 : Episode 1

  • Solar vintage

The harvest of the 2019 vintage began this year on August 22nd. Exceptionally warm temperatures and the absence of the usual rainfall episodes have caused the groundwater level to fall.

The mild spring weather accelerated the vegetative development of the vine and stimulated growth. Then followed a succession of heat waves and summer droughts, making it possible to preserve a very healthy vineyard, the promise of excellent quality! This results in exceptional quality thanks to the work carried out by all our teams in the vineyard and in the cellars.

After the succession of heat waves until the start of the harvest, the return to milder temperatures during the day and cooler nights at the beginning of September were very favourable to phenolic maturation, essential for producing aromatic and fresh white wines.

Although forecasts are down in the region, our harvest looks balanced!

  • Great Wines in Prospect

To date, the vast majority of our white wines and some of our rosé wines are currently being fermented in our cellars and already reveal attractive profiles:

– This year, Chardonnay already expresses its richness and roundness, combining aromas of honey, orange peel and candied lemon, all with great freshness and complexity.

– Sauvignon offers us a wide range of aromas with rather lively profiles, notes of citrus fruit, vegetable, a lot of finesse and minerality, as well as profiles with more exotic aromas, more ripe but always very fresh.

– Our Syrah rosé wines are very expressive, combining intense aromas of citrus fruits, grapefruit and raspberry, with great richness and vivacity on the palate.

We look forward to seeing you next week for a next harvest episode.

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